March 22, 2021. The feature to show circles on the map that represent the accuracy of the GPS coordinates is not currently working. This bug is the result of the map being converted from the Google map API to the Leaflet API.

FindMePro displays the geolocation data stream produced by your browser and lets you see the accuracy of that data as circles on a map. Click the 'About' button to read more.

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Home screen icon
The easiest way to start FindMePro is to add its icon to your home screen. You could also save a bookmark in your browser.

Modern browsers provide a way for web pages like this one to obtain your location in the form of:
    • Latitude longitude coordinates
    • Accuracy in meters
    • Timestamp

If a circle is drawn centered at a coordinate and with the accuracy value as the radius, then there is supposed to be 95% likelihood that the user is inside that circle.

Be cautious in using any app that displays your coordinates or location but does not also tell you the accuracy value for those coordinates. If the accuracy value is huge but not displayed, then what practical good are the coordinates?

Using the default settings, FindMePro will collect data for 30 seconds or until the accuracy value for the current (i.e. not cached) coordinates is 5 meters or less three times in a row. You can then display that data on a map.

Your browser determines your location based on a variety of factors that might include the GPS chip in your phone or tablet, cell towers, wi-fi hotspots, bluetooth and perhaps other technologies.

CAUTION! If you hold your phone so your hand covers the GPS antenna then your phone will not get any data from the GPS satellites. Hold your phone in portrait orientation with nothing blocking the upper half of the phone.

Using FindMePro you can find out if different combinations of settings on your phone affect the accuracy of the location coordinates your browser produces.

iOS users can try running this app with and without cell service, wi-fi and bluetooth turned on.

Android uses can vary the same settings as iOS users and also try changing the location method (or mode) among the three settings which are: High accuracy, Power saving and GPS (or Device) only. Choosing "GPS only" will likely produce the most accurate coordinates. Choosing "High accuracy" (with wi-fi, bluetooth and cell service 'on') might actually decrease the accuracy of the coordinates. Choosing "Power saving" will likely produce coordinates with very poor accuracy particularly in areas where there is limited cell coverage.

If you run FindMePro while you are someplace that you can identify on the Google aerial, then when you look at your results on the map you will be able to see how well the results show your true location. The last three locations returned are green circles on the map. Those three circles might be on top of each other and just look like one circle. The last location returned has a green paddle at the center of its circle. Look to see if the green circles include your location.

You can also compare the accuracy of the coordinates you get if you ask for just one coordinate or ask for a stream of coordinates.

By using this software you agree that you are doing so entirely at your own risk. You further agree that you will not file any lawsuit or make any kind of claim against the developer of this software.

Privacy policy
This software does not retain your location data and does not share your location data with anyone.

The settings you see below, including any changes you make, will be used by the data collection process.

Your location data will be displayed until the first of the following conditions is met. Either the time limit is reached or three locations in a row meet or exceed the target accuracy. Scroll down to change these settings.

Get just one coordinate or a stream of coordinates
If you ask for just one coordinate then your browser does *not* simply give you the first coordinate that it would return if you asked for a stream of coordinates. Instead, your browser decides when it has determined a coordinate for your location with sufficient accuracy.

Get one coordinate
Get a stream of coordinates

Time limit for collecting location data

0 minute 30 seconds
0 minute 45 seconds
1 minute
1 minute 15 seconds
1 minute 30 seconds
1 minute 45 seconds
2 minutes

Target accuracy

5 meters ~16 feet
10 meters ~33 feet
30 meters ~98 feet
100 meters ~328 feet
200 meters ~656 feet

Use GPS?
If the GPS in your phone or tablet is 'on',
then the following setting determines whether or not your browser uses the GPS data to help determine your location.

High accuracy ON (use GPS)
High accuracy OFF (no GPS)

FindMePro uses two additional settings when it asks your browser to display your location. You cannot change these settings.

1. The program will wait 25 minutes for the browser to return the *first* location. In some circumstances your phone or tablet will need to download new GPS almanac data from the satellites and this takes about 20 minutes. You will see an informative message if this appears to be the case.

2. The program tells the browser to only return new locations and do not return any old (i.e. cached) locations. Alas, browsers ignore that instruction.

Once you tap the button to start collecting data there is no way to control how often the browser determines your location. It might be several times per second or several seconds might go by before the next location is displayed.

The location accuracy values produced by browsers are always in meters. Accuracy values with many decimal places likely do *not* include any data from the GPS chip in your phone.

The timestamp produced by browsers is in millseconds. For display purpose the timestamp is stated to the nearest second. Therefore you might see several locations with the same time.

Known Bugs

If you find a program bug or have a suggestion for an improvement you can tap the 'About' button and send me an email.

3/20/2021 There are no known bugs at this time.

FindMePro Update Log

5-11-2016 Version2.0.
Conversion completed from http to https.

3-19-2016 Version 1.0 was launched.